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The world's most comprehensive digital Home Study program available today. Thousands of students, professional athletes, law enforcement, and military personnel from all over the world have benefitted from this extremely detailed course. 

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I started my martial arts training in 1994. Once I started I was hooked for life. I would buy every TKD and martial arts magazine I could find in the bookstores. I was always interested in the ads I would see for different products or videos (this was before dvd’s:). I can’t tell you how much money I spent on different videos, books, and stretching machines, but I can tell you that most of them were not worth what I paid for them. I remember very clearly ordering and receiving my first video from Marco Lala, “Beyond Splits, Volume 1”. I can’t remember what I paid but I do remember thinking I got more than my money’s worth. It wasn’t long before I owned every vhs tape he had produced. What I loved and still love about the videos is that I find them incredibly inspirational. When I see Marco going through the drills or exercises in a school yard, his backyard, basement, or old dojo I get excited and ready to train. I opened my own TKD academy in 1999 and purchased all the Iron Warrior instructional as DVD’s. Over the years I no longer watch anything on DVD eventually got rid of all those videos. I am so thrilled that they are being re-released on a downloadable format. These videos are just as educational, relevant, and inspirational to me today as they were over 20 years ago. I think they are an invaluable addition to anyone’s library regardless of the art you practice. If you are a karate or TKD practitioner these videos will give you endless ideas for training, teaching classes, and can add a whole new dimension of ground fighting to your arsenal. I find my energy to train and teach gets a boost every time I watch a few minutes of the videos. I am very grateful these are available to us all again! OSU!!

Jon Frost
Tiger-Rock Martial Arts of Naples

Just grabbed this the other night. Some great tips on here I've already put into practice. Working on getting my stretch back. Highly Recommended!


...I finally found my long lost Phenomenal Endurance Training book last week, I've began following some of the training instructions in it again, almost 30 years after you wrote it it's STILL top notch information.


By following your tape and a sound diet, I've reduced my body fat percentage to 5.1% without sacrificing any physical strength. As an instructor for U.S. Army Green Beret's, I've introduced many of your training secrets to my students. The overall results have been tremendous!

Steve J. Greer